We have on-site audited hundreds of

                         Manufacturers all over Turkey


       Quality machinery and Parts


     Production with a social conscience




TurkeyLinks was founded in 2003 by partners with Textile Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy, Finance and Total Quality Management qualifications and management experience in both Turkey and the UK.  

Our mission is to

  • Provide a high-quality service in trade between Turkey and UK, the two markets we know intimately
  • Reduce the cost of manufacturing for UK companies by off-shoring to Turkey
  • Introduce to the UK market Turkish manufacturers who have established economic and quality production facilities in Turkey

Our Lead Consultant Dr Mehmet Ozmen has conducted long multi-commodity sourcing projects for global companies including;

Some Global Clients                  

 as well as short to medium lengths projects for SMEs.  During these projects we are particularly sensitive to

  • What you could expect to see at several milestones in the process – to enable you to see progress and, where necessary, give go-ahead to proceed or course correct

  • Keep regular connections and communication  

At TurkeyLinks we work as a member of your team and develop suppliers that you trade with directly without middle men. For smaller projects we provide an all-in price, including our fees, which are paid by the suppliers themselves but you still deal with the manufacturer directly while our support and the role of defender of your rights continues. Our services are hands-on and are offered as and when needed.







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